Despite the explosion of the internet and popularity of digital media, printing still serves a vital purpose in today’s world.

Not-for-profit organizations regularly use items such as newsletters or mailers to keep in touch with their members and stakeholders. Retailers often use price tags, labels or stickers to identify or enhance product offerings. Professional organizations such as accountants and lawyers often utilize printed stationery like letterhead and business envelopes to correspond with clients.

Printing stands apart because it is real, tangible, and extremely versatile. Printing allows you to use specialized folding or die-cutting techniques to portray your brand’s uniqueness. Its composition can be manipulated to achieve a desired outcome such as perfect binding or saddle stitching. The physicality or ‘feel’ of printing from the use of coated paper stocks in conjunction with specialty printed finishes like matte, gloss, suede or spot UV makes it an unparalleled medium. 

Printing also has unrivalled staying power. While the extinction of the business card has long been predicted, popular luxury embellishments like extra thick paper stock, foil stamping, and painted edges have helped it to not only survive but thrive.

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